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Dr. Telli Faez is Publisher for the portfolio Computer Communications, Security and Microelectronics in the computer journals cluster, at Elsevier.

Ms. Faez has been with Elsevier since 2012 working previously as Publisher for the Physics, Applied Mathematics and Solid Mechanics Portfolios within the company. She has two Masters in Physical Oceanography from Tehran, Iran and Nanotechnology at University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands. She has a PhD in Biomedical Physics, from Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Before joining Elsevier, she was a researcher focused on Dynamics of liquids in Nanochannels and nonlinear dynamics of microbubbles under ultrasound for medical imaging.

Dr. Telli Faez is the Publisher of Computer Communications, Security, Microelectronics portfolio which includes below journals.

l  AEUE - International Journal of Electronics and Communications

l  Computer Communications

l  Computer Science Review

l  Integration, the VLSI Journal

l  Journal of Discrete Algorithms

l  Journal of Network and Computer Applications

l  Journal of Systems Architecture

l  Microelectronic Engineering

l  Microelectronics Journal

l  Microelectronics Reliability

l  Microprocessors and Microsystems

l  Nano Communication Networks

l  Optical Switching and Networking

l  Online Social Networks and Media

l  Performance Evaluation

l  Pervasive and Mobile Computing

l  Physical Communication

l  Vehicular Communication


Addressing the world of research

Elsevier Initiatives in Computer Sciences and Microelectronics

The talk will shortly present the journals in Computer Sciences and Microelectronics Portfolio and Elsevier’s new innovations and initiatives to help scientists share and promote their research more actively and effectively.




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