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The history of School of the Electronic and Information Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University can trace back to the Electrical Engineering program of Jiaotong University established in 1908. With the historical development nearly a century the School of Electronic and Information Engineering now has five departments, including the Department of Electronic Science and Technology, the Department of Microelectronics, the Department of Information and Telecommunication Engineering, the Department of Automation Science and Technology, and the Department of Computer Science and Technology, and the Computer Teaching and Experiment Center, and covers almost all fields and emerging frontiers of information science and technology. The mandate and mission of the school are to educate world class talents and to conduct world class research for advancing the frontiers in the fields and facilitating economic development of the nation, and to make contributions in turning Xi’an Jiaotong University into a world class university.

Under the five departments in the school there are also more than 20 affiliated research institutes and centers. Undergraduate BS and graduate MS and Ph.D. programs, and postdoctoral research programs are offered in all the disciplines of electronic science and technology, information and communication engineering, control science and engineering, and computer science and technology.  At present, the school enrolls 4900 students including 2960 undergraduate students, 1090 MS students and 640 Ph.D. students.  The school also admits part-time Master of Engineering students for continuing education.

The school has more than 380 faculty members including three academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,one academician of the China Academy of Engineering,84 full professors and 103 associate professors.They are granted with many academic honors,recognitions and leadship positions including:Foreign Member of the US National Academy of Engineering;three IEEE Fellows;National Master Teacher,two Chief Scientists of the "973" projects,eight in the "Thousand Talents Program", two in the "Thousand Young Talents Program", four with Cheung Kong Professorship,four with Cheung Kong Chair Professorship,five with National Outstanding Young Investigators.

Many national, ministerial and provincial labs and engineering centers are  established in the school including the State Key Lab for Manufacturing Systems Engineering (collaborated with the School of Mechanical Engineering and School of Management), National Engineering Lab for Vision Information Processing and Applications, National Engineering Lab for Offshore Petroleum Prospection (collaborated with the China National Offshore Oil Corporation), National Engineering Research Center for Data Broadcasting Technology, three Ministry of Education Key labs, four Shaanxi Provincial Key Labs, two National Centers for Lab Teaching, National Education Base for VLSI, etc.  Many distinguished teaching and research teams are granted to the faculty members of the school including two Innovative Research Teams funded by the National Science Foundation of China, two Cheung Kong Scholar Innovative Research Teams funded the Ministry of Education,  International Collaboration Team funded by the “111” International Collaboration, Program, two National Teams for Excellence in Teaching, Team for Excellence in International Collaboration, Innovative Research Teams funded by Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi Provincial Teams for Excellence in Teaching.

The faculty of the school has undertaken more than 500 research projects funded by the 973 Basic Research Program, 863 High-Tech Development Program, Nature Science Foundation of China, National Key Projects, etc. and published more than 1500 international journal papers, 74 books and monographs in recent five years.  Four national awards, 38 provincial and ministerial, in science and technology are conferred, and 330 patents are granted, to the faculty members of the school.


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